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Below are our new range of Deactivated shotguns for December 2015. Check out a piece of history in the World War 1 Gew service rifle at the bottom of the page.

Deactivated Shotguns

An ideal example of what happens when you put a 20 bore cartridge in a 12 bore. Perfect for training purposes.

A nice old coach gun with 24 barrels

A good cheap display piece with engraved action. De-act work not done by us so a gap on one side on barrel, but other side fine.

A good old Harrington & Richardson shotgun with loads of patina. Action breaks and clicks.

With loads of patina and a very rare side lever cocking action.

A good display piece.

A good display piece. With an interesting and rare action.

A nice old hammer gun with lovely engraved lock. Cocks and clicks. Ideal for display.

Ideal for film, theatre productions or display

A nice English hammer gun with 24 barrels. The same as those used for protection in Banks and on Stage Coaches in the Old West.

A great display piece or for film or theatre productions

Ideal for re-enactment as a coach gun or for theatre or film use. Fully working locks and hammers too.

Ideal for film or theatrical use or for display.

An original BSA boxlock

An example of the Larranga Magnum shotgun with Beavertail forend

The same as the Stage Coach shotguns of the Old West. With short 24 barrels, engraved locks and action. Needs a clean-up.

Historical Shotguns
WW1 Gew service rifle398

This quite rare piece of history has been very sympathetically de-activated with working magazine and bolt. Its in amazingly good condition and must go to somebody who appreciates its historical significance. There are very few of these about so if you want to own a piece of real history.
We also stock...
We have deactivated 12 bore double barrels from 100, plus others like .22RFs, .410 etc. We can get Bren guns, Stens, Tommys etc but these are to order as they take up a lot of storage space, and all are deactivated to legal specification.

Please contact us for details.

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